FROST App Bewertungen

Perfecttttt !!!!


Lovely game, too short

Beautifully-designed, dynamic, low-stress (soothing, even) puzzle game. Visually very interesting and encourages curiosity and tinkering. I hope they release more levels soon, because I made it through all the levels in a day.

Wish there were more

I've played this through twice now, I wish they'd come out with another set of levels. This is one of my favorite games.

Not enough levels

For as much as this game costs, I was extremely disappointed to make it to the 50’s level and then have a screen say “See You Later.” You can beat this game in an hour. Can’t believe it costs so much for so little.

Great aesthetic but hijacks screen brightness

I like this dev's design sense; both blek and frost feel like very happily combined investigations of visual design, particle systems, and tactile logic. I find myself wanting to draw with these games more than solve the puzzles, and since there are no time limits, I could do that as much as I wanted. Except for one thing: why does frost insist on jacking up screen brightness to 100%? I'm a little surprised that a sandboxed app is allowed to do this on iOS. It's an egregious accessibility failure: for many users, iOS devices at full brightness are impossible, and even painful, to look at. Given that these bright blue screens are known to interfere with sleep, I find myself wondering if the devs are slyly trying to make us stay up late to keep playing. Can't say I particularly appreciate the prank. Or the splitting headache.

Not much

I loved the game, but beware if you do! If you play a few times per day, you will complete all the levels in no time. (3 days for me) The app then dismisses you to return later and you are forced to start over. Please add more levels!

How long is the wait?

Beautiful game! I literally didn’t put my phone down until it was over! But I have an issue paying $5 for a game on MY PHONE, and still do not have any new levels. What has it been now, 2 months of waiting?


This Game so so amazing. I Started it and ended up just watching it. So mesmerizing. 👍


I took weeks to even address the “system” in a way to elicit pseudo-intelligent habit particles (particle or wave?) streams. But after that I enjoyed figuring out, and intuiting, responses to higher levels at a logarithmic acceleration such that my amygdaloid reward centers began feeding on this game and my body temperature rose 4 degrees temporarily. Then a write a review field opened and I composed this and I cooled off. Now, a break, but unlike others of days I’ll be back soon to go to level 30.

Top 3 app

Highly recommended app. I'm waiting more levels. Meanwhile I'm using Youper and Kindle.


This game is AMAZING!!! YOU MUST GET IT! You won’t regret it

Screen too bright, needs an update.

I bought this game to play at night, meditative games help me sleep. The game only plays at the highest screen brightness. I hope this is just a glitch soon to be resolved.

Good, relaxing, different, but needs one change

I’ve enjoyed this game, played it through a couple times actually. I’d like more levels just like anyone, but what I’d really like is to be able to change the screen brightness. Currently the game hijacks the brightness setting and turns it all the way up. I get that you want the user to have a good experience, but if I’m playing somewhere dark I don’t need it, so it’s just an unnecessary better drain.

Was fun.

No new levels. You can beat this game in a day. 5$ for 55 levels you can beat in a day.

So relaxing and brain stimulator

Absolutely love this puzzle game, I wish they come up with more levels faster, already finished all the levels and can’t wait any longer for more, I ended up repeating all levels like five times. I wonder how Candy Crush creates levels so fast I can never keep up? This game is way better but cannot come up with more levels that fast, shame.


I am captivated by this game, it actually calms me down when I’m a little uptight.......

Beautiful game but...

This is a very beautiful game. I must admit, I loved playing it. However, it’s way too short for how much it costs. I ended up playing through it twice in one day. That’s how short it is. Because of that I cannot give this game 5 stars. Maybe when they release more levels...


For a game that is supposed to be relaxing I can’t even play it at night because the brightness only has one option which is FULL BLAST. I can’t even try to relax because my retinas are burning, Ive never had this issue with an app before. Why doesn’t it match the freaking brightness I have set already.

New Levels?

Cool game but only 55 levels, where the new ones at???

One of my all-time favorites

I love this game. Make sure to play with the music on. It’s fun, soothing, and beautiful!


Girlfriend and I love this!


This hard-to-describe game is wondrous. It’s beautiful, it’s magical. It seems you need to provide a stellar core with enough energy to ignite and become a star—and you have to herd the energy particles to achieve that. But it’s very abstract and there could be many many other interpretations.

Breathtaking in every way...

This game is as beautiful as it is challenging. There’s something a bit intuitive and thoughtful about each level that invites the player to devise unique ideas, which is very rare in most puzzle games. Would highly recommend this game if you are looking for something to put a stressed mind at ease.


Totally annoying to be interrupted constantly by the “finger” forcing you to make another “move”. It’s like a primitive children’s game that has an arrow flashing to show you where to go.

Fun and engaging game, too much for what you get

$5 for 55 levels that I was able to complete playing casually for a few days doesn’t seem worth it.

Mind bending, yet strangely addicting!

This game requires you to use your mind in a way that is fun, not painful. Focus games, where you figure out puzzles is a great way to increase your minds ability to concentrate. You can’t get enough!

Best game I’ve played in a while.

This is a stunningly beautiful and elegant game. The graphics are simple and compelling at the same time. It is very interesting how with each level you must figure out how each part reacts with those around it. The soundscape also makes this a wonderfully relaxing puzzle to solve.


Very good game. Beautiful art design. 👍

Creative Engineering

The artistic style to this masterpiece is just incredible. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable to pick up and play. Just experiment with it, try different things and you will see yourself fly through the puzzles. The art goes along well with the changing music as you carry out different actions. Well done.

Perfect to wind down and get in a dream state

Been playing Frost every night before bed for about 5 minutes at a time and has been just perfect. Love the visuals and sound. Some levels are more challenging than others which keeps the flow pretty nicely. As you go up colors and design get more and more beautiful and intricate. So far my favorite game on iPhone since I got one. Keep this kind of interactive apps coming!

This game...

Frost is amazing. I was absolutely mesmerized. Well worth the price.

Super cool

Love this game. Sound and lights are spectacular


Buen juego, entretenido y muy relajante Me gustaría que podamos ver nuevos niveles y sorpresas...excelente juego 😌😉

Amended from disappointed

Once I figured out that the finger guiding me in as not telling me to slide but tap, my opinion of this app went from bad to very good. Quite challenging and entertaining.

Waaaaay to short

Amazing game, very well done. But I donated all 50 levels in about three hours. Makes it seem like $4.99 was a bit steep for a game this short. Fingers crossed there's more to come later.

Super fun chill game

This is one of the best chill games ever. Super fun

Worth it for sure

Entertaining rewarding and stimulating I just want more

Intuitive and sharp

I was skeptical about a $5 app and have played similar partical physics apps but this one is unique and very well designed. Worth the money

Excellent game, very relaxing!

This game is extraordinarily made...

No review can tell you what it is... you just have to play it.

If there is a hand to God, maybe this is a fingernail.

Not quite worth it

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed. In my opinion, the game is too overpriced for something finished in a few hours. For this much money I was expecting at least double the amount of levels, and some other modes (maybe sandbox or something). The game is beautiful, very addictive, and intriguing, but it just doesn’t quite cut it for the cost. Nevertheless I still found it fun and I look forward to where the game will go in the future.

First app I have spent $ on in a long time

First app I have spent $ on in a long time. Worth every penny. Great, fun and magical.


Mesmerizing, relaxing, yet engaging and challenging. This literally may be my favorite game ever. It was totally worth the $4.99, although I was disappointed to see that I’d have to purchase it again to use on my iPhone. But as good as this game is - I might end up doing just that. Great job to all the developers who made this work of art a reality!

Frost Fun

Unlike any other game. Takes a few screens to figure it out, but so worth it.

Beautiful, but VERY short

I beat it in an hour...for $5...can't help but feel a bit cheated. Also, it offered very little challenge. I feel this game has SO much more potential, and the fact that it has parallels with biological systems and all the possibilities that offered really had me going for a bit until it ended without doing much of anything.

An unbelievably beautiful game

Just a pleasure to play.

Good but...

It’s a great game but considering there’s only 50 something levels it’s not worth the 5 dollars, love the graphics, would nice to have some cool music to go with it though

Intriguing but...

I like the meditative quality but can not get past level 10.... then I read a review that says the first ten are just tutorials and “levels” past that are 10 cents a piece(?) Well, I can’t verify that as I cannot get the number 10 “planets” to evolve with souls. 😞

Phenomenal. It fills you and all around you with beauty, calm and joy.

I feel so lucky for finding this game. It makes you feel wonderful right away. In a world that is filled with so much discord and anger the creators of this game have found a way to make that disappear and suddenly everything is filled with calm, beauty and light. It’s really phenomenal. Everyone should play.

Amazingly beautiful and fun!

There’s more than one way to solve almost any problem and this game knows that, letting you puzzle your own way through things in your own ways; all the while you’re creating gorgeous patterns and firework-like designs with your solutions. You can revisit levels to play them again, but unless you remember what they were, there’s no hint. My hint... Level 13 Pure Awesome! (One of my solutions looks like the Eye of Sauron. 😁) I’m not far in, only level 22 because I’m savoring each level and just playing with them. It’s so hard not to, you’ll see. Let those creative juices flow!

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