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I play this game pretty much all the time (stoned) and its Genius!

Great, but short and overpriced

Was looking for a game to play with my non-gamer girlfriend. This was perfect, had great sound and allowed us to cuddle and each take turns on one phone together. Level 53 was by far the most challenging, we were stuck for a long time, but I managed to crack it. Imagine my disappointment when the next two levels were easy-peasy and then the game ended. 😤 For the cost I’d have liked to get 105 levels, not 55...

Different than other puzzlers in a good way.

A very unique type of logic. Stretched my brain.

Needs more

It’s a great idea. Beautiful, relaxing, and mesmerizing. But most levels are very simple, usually focusing on only one mechanic at a time. I wish there were more levels that combined mechanics in clever ways and completely filled the screen. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, a sandbox mode would be fantastic.

Worth the $, if I could keep replaying, but can’t

Love the game, the strategy, the beauty, but once you get through all 55 levels, you cannot replay the game, not repeat any levels already beaten. Screen just says “See You Later” and then you have to close it. Worth the money if I could keep playing... Any update coming to allow for replaying once the game is beaten?

Beautiful simple graphics

Super fun and simple beautiful game play.

Really enjoy it

Pretty and relaxing.

Fun and relaxing

At first it is a little slow, but the more you progress the more the beauty of it all starts to unveil and you have yourself a fun, but very relaxing game!


Absolutely stunning, this is my new favorite puzzle game.

Worth twice as much as it is

This game is beautiful and is worth more than twice is costs. It is so peaceful and calming to watch. This review is genuine and I was not paid to write it, it really is that great.

Yes it’s pretty but it’s only an hour of play

Full credit, it’s very visually beautiful. But it feels more like a game mechanics demo than a game. The levels are in no way challenging. The mechanics demonstrated in each level could be combined to create some rich, complex puzzles but the levels in the game present no actual challenge. Great work by the developer on the game engine, just now it needs to be handed over to a level designer to turn raw mechanics into an enjoyable game.

Logic is his own god

This game is really fun to play when you wanna escape this reality, play some music and have fun

Cool, but waste of money!

I really enjoyed playing this game, but after 2 days of playing it I finished the game. No more new levels have been added so it has definitely been a waste of money.

Love it

Reminds me of a game called sugar sugar — one of my favs. This game is fun to play and visually awesome as well!!!


I need more levels

Togetherness creates chemical change

You are corralling moving living organisms. You’re showing them the path to greatness. Pretend they are fish or a wave of birds. This is a visually rewarding and rather peaceful game with an interesting play on music that isn’t intrusive. I love it. Wait till you reach the colors. FROST Mary

Best game ever

It got amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, and the most relaxing vibe, best game I have ever played

I couldn’t stop

If you think that this game is pricey, think again. Breathtaking graphics, stunning features, wonderful music, as well as serene, beautiful, yet challenging puzzles. I have completed all of the puzzles which only took me a few hours, but was the best experience I have ever spent my time on with my device. I definitely recommend purchasing this app and I also recommend you listen with your headphones or earbuds, for it will make it an even more awesome experience! Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope you guys keep working hard the way you do and publish more levels and other games as you continue to venture forth through a game I call, “Life.”


Absolutely great game. Wasn’t sure what to expect but it was surprisingly fun to play and extremely satisfying. Could use some more difficult levels. Can’t wait for more!

Causes residual display changes- iOS 11.2.6

This game is truly a visual marvel with beautifully fluid animation but there is a recurrent problem after quitting the app. Once the app is closed, I am seeing changes to the visual settings that CANNOT be corrected without a reboot. The screen takes on darker appearance as though I had allowed the operating system to manage the brightness. I have checked every setting and nothing has been changed, yet the color change persists, even after I go through EVERY single display oriented option and switch them off and back on. After a reboot the correct visuals are restored. What is even stranger is that the first few times I ran Frost, aspects of the screen brightness went way up and after quitting the app, my brightness was turned all of the way up. Again, I am running iOS 11.2.6 (but can confirm that the same behavior was there with the previous version as I just updated a few days ago) with a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 (64 gb). I will be glad to rate this game with 5 stars after this issue is resolved. Until then, I have deleted the game. Thanks.

Beautiful Simplicity

On paper, this game involves particle effects and how they interact with each other. Not that impressive until you see it in action. I have never had my jaw dropped and actually said “wow” aloud on each stage of a game. It is simply mesmerizing. Like how you can spend thirty minutes staring at a campfire. You can’t really define what is so enthralling about something so simple and common place, but it IS that enthralling nonetheless.


Don’t get me wrong, a very beautiful game, but the fact that I spent $4.99 on a app that I beat in less than 24 hours is kind of angering and disappointing. I lived the game to bits, but if I could get my money back.......I honestly want my money back

Invasive and Underwhelming

First app that I’ve paid for in a while and immediately looking into returning it. Overrides your brightness settings on your device so be prepared to be blinded and drain your battery. If this was able to be changed, or at least notified that this is the best way to play the app, then I would maybe understand. But for $5, I can’t justify a glorified nightlight at this point. 👎🏻


I don’t write reviews as it is a hassle but this game has me mesmerized and joyous after I solve each level. The levels, as they get harder, keep me occupied and determined to beat the challenge. Get this will be smiling too!

Great but short

The game is compelling and very enjoyable. The game is very short(couple of hours). I only encountered two puzzles(of 55) that were annoying. A little pricey for a short experience, but definitely not the worst $5 I have ever spent. 4 stars reflects the length of the game, otherwise it is worthy of 5 stars. It would be fantastic if you allowed the player to favorite specific levels, then after beating the game allow the player a mode to play through their favorite list.

Where’s the update?!

Really good game, but $5 for a game that can be finished in 10 min? Where’s the update?

It’s okay

Too few levels no creative too high cost

Beautiful but...

This game had me absolutely floored by its beauty and innovation... for about 2 hours... until it abruptly told me ‘thanks for playing’ after 54 levels. most levels provided little to no challenges. There were a few clever puzzles, and a couple absolute gems. It’s very rare for me to get through 54 levels of a game and be so hungry for more. There is so much potential here. Almost all the levels introduce new fundamental concepts. I kept waiting to see these concepts combined in clever ways to make creative puzzles, but alas, what we’re left with is a beautiful foundation and not much else. Not even a zen mode to keep me busy while waiting for new content. Beautiful and innovative, but pretty unpolished for a paid app

Trailer music

Doea anyone know the music they use for the trailer? I can’t find it anywhere

Absolutely amazing 🤗💆‍♂️

I may not need therapy again 😜

Excellent game

This game/puzzle is beautiful, relaxing, and quite fun. I am hoping that additional levels will be coming out to extend the experience.


Is amazing!! Relaxing and you just don’t ever want to put it down!! Great for right before sleep or meditation!! Claims your mind!! I wish there where more levels or a way to create your own to share with others with the frost players. 5 stars from me!!! Thank you!!!

Stunning app

I’ve beat it several times, it’s so enjoyable It keeps me coming back over and over It stimulates my creativity and I often play in the morning to get my mind moving

Fun App, but...

This is an amazing app. I love how your mind gets running in a good amazing way. If you do not have imagination then this app will help you gain some. The “but” is that there are only 55 levels and note that this app took 2 days for me to beat. I strongly recommend this app, but just be aware that there are not many levels. This app is stupidly expensive, but It is still amazing.

Fluid like game

Please add more content! I found myself ending this way earlier than I was ready for.

Screen brightness ruins an otherwise great game

If this game didn’t max out my screen brightness and give no option to lower it this would be the perfect game ever. Since it doesn’t it’s annoying and destroys battery life. Wish I hadn’t purchased it simply because of the oversight on screen brightness settings.

Beautiful and challenging game!

But why call this game Frost?

no updates

I spent hella money on this game and beat it in two days. There hasn’t been an update since. Wasn’t worth it


This game is very relaxing. It’s the best puzzle game ever. Good for any age.

Geezus I’m Hooked!

Totally addictive; truly astounding graphics.

More levels

Great game but needs more Levels or a free/zen mode.

Awesome, but needs more levels

Great game. Love the the way everything looks and how smooth it is. It needs more levels though. Hoping that’ll happen sometime soon.

Fun Logic

Great graphics while you try to outsmart the game. Futuristic fun.


A visual experience in a game

Beautiful game

Very relaxing to play. Beautiful colors and designs with great sound effects. Big problem the app has is that the app doesn’t let you turn down screen brightness while in the app. So if you want to play the app at night you’ll just have deal with the full brightness or not play. 😑

In Awe

This is one of the most relaxing games I’ve ever played. Every time a new element is introduced I find myself smiling in awe. The UI is minimalistic and the soundtrack is lovely. Simplicity really can be beautiful.

Great Game, one problem though...

I own an iPhone 6 S, the problem here is that every time that I launch the app my screen brightness is heavily increased. But why? What does this mean....

Beautiful Craziness

This is a real challenge that will keep you going crazy for hours.

paid for this game and finished all levels within two days

disappointment that I paid five dollars for this game and all of a sudden the screen said see you later because there’s no more levels afternoon charge for a game where the level is completed within two days

My very favorite

Gently challenging, very relaxing!! I love this game! More please!!

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