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Ted’s art

Most fun I’ve had as an artist.

Forces Max Screen Brightness

No matter what device, this game will force to screen to maximum brightness — and you can not lower it. It’s as if the developers simply want to kill your battery.

Almost, but not quite

Beautiful game. Engaging game. A sometimes challenging game. A SHORT game. Was surpised when I had run through all the levels in a couple of hours.

Complete lack of attention from developers

There has not been a single update since release, not including the iPhone X support update

Beautiful, but short and has little replay value

This game is gorgeous. There are 55 levels, (at the end, the game asks you if you want to be notified when there are more, so I assume that more are coming) which you can get through in a few hours. Once you solve a level, there is really not much incentive to re-do it and figure out other ways of solving it.

No help/hints

It was fun until level 7. Couldn’t figure it out. No help. No hints. Can’t skip. 😒

Mellow and beautiful puzzle game

Absolutely beautiful puzzle game


No depth. No explanations. No support. No more of my money thanks.

Beautiful game but...

Only 54 levels. I was expecting at least 100. I was able to finish the game in a matter of hours. So while the game is stunning, I expected a bit more out of a paid app. I feel like I just played the demo

Short lived

I don’t normally pay for games, but this experience is well beyond a “game.” It is almost meditative, by design. What I thought was going to be a lasting experience, fell well short of my expectations. The last and final stage was reached in a couple, short days. ....extremely disappointing. Definitely not worth the expense.


This is pretty much the perfect game. Interesting and difficult at times, but also beautiful to play and watch. A somewhat hard combination to get right. Well worth the price!

Almost perfect

This game is almost perfect except that I finished it in 2 days. I would love to see some new levels soon!

Game is beautiful but

The game goes by so quickly. In less than an hour I’ve made it to level 34 and from other reviews the game is over around level 55 with no replaying... if you can replay and increase difficulty it would make the game a lot better in my opinion. With how it is now the price point seems a bit high and as others have said your brightness is by default 100% so don’t plan to play this at night.

**Buyer beware — No Refunds Allowed**

If I could give less than one star I would. This app is not what I thought it would be. I’ve asked Apple for a refund and FROST for a refund. Neither of them will do it. This app is useless to me and expensive to boot. I’m a very dissatisfied customer.

Stress free and addictive

I dont really play games. Most games in my opinion are boring or serve no purpose but to waste my time. But this seemed interesting enough that I gave it a try. You will have to think a little to progress to some of the levels, but it's not stressful thinking at all. It was very relaxing and refreshing to play. Great way to calm down and unwind, but def not boring. I felt like my brain went to the spa! :)


Es un excelente juego si vale la pena dar 5 dólares por el es fantástico

Flawlessly put together, great game

The title of the review says it all. The game has no hiccups, performs as expected, and is really fun. I can’t wait for their new levels!!

New Favorite Game!

I will play this game over and over again for the simple pleasure of manipulating the elements, and enjoying their colorful, dynamic interactions. See you later? Now I’ve reached the end. Please create more puzzles- I’m eagerly awaiting the next level!

Not worth $4.99

Kinda cool graphics but thought it was boring, and I ain’t no Einstein. Surprised there are so many favorable reviews. Wish I could get my money back.

When’s the next update??

I downloaded this game a few days ago!! I beat all 55 levels 3 times!! Will there ever be an update? I see you haven’t had one is 7 months. Not such a great buy for $4.99


I love this game it seriously wastes my battery percent i play on this for 5 mins my percent is 100 and now it’s 70 but otherwise this game is great

Don’t waste money

It’s a fun game but there never going to add anymore levels so don’t waste your money! It’s been months and there not even trying to add more content!


Truly can’t wrap my head around how this app can be real. I am amazed at the beauty- both graphics and sounds. You won’t regret the purchase of this app!!

Addictingly relaxing!!

This puzzle game is pure zen! The overall aesthetic is very minimal and hypnotic. Overall it’s pretty easy to play, and when you are done you feel just great. Such a fantastic game, I am so excited for new levels!


The graphics are breathtaking! I enjoyed all 50 levels. I was a little sad to see it end so quickly however I have no problem going back through the levels again.

Worth the cost. Beautiful and fun. Replayable

I never post reviews, but this game was amazing. Not too hard. Not too easy. Calming. I am really excited for more levels!!

Not enough levels

This game is absolutely incredible but I wish there were more levels considering you pay $5 for it! Other than that no complaints and the game is beautifully designed and super fun to play!

Wonderful and relaxing

I really liked this game a lot. Beautiful smooth graphics. And puzzles too. Only downside is the brightness turns up on my phone. So I only play a few levels as it makes my phone very hot. Can’t wait for new levels, I will recommend to friends. Thank you.


Really fun

Can’t Dim Display

I like to play a game or two before going to bed at night. The lack of ability to dim the display is a complete deal breaker as it makes this impossible. Why isn’t this in the app description as a warning somewhere? Add an option in the menu to disable brightness lock (of course with a warning telling users content won’t display as intended, which is clearly why you added the lock) and you guys earn 5 stars.

Great, but serious flaw

This is an amazingly original and addictive game. I would have given 5 starts except for two serious flaws. There are too few levels for a paid game. I finished right away. That’s OK. I’d happily go back and enjoy the levels again. Flaw #2... You can’t. It says “See you later” and you can’t go back to any of the previous levels to enjoy the gameplay again. For a paid game, come on! Let us enjoy your genius design for more than one hard stop round of levels. I understand that more levels may be coming, but the game is now dead in the water until they arrive.

Awesome for the brain

Love the graphics relaxing to play

Doesn’t quite meet the hype

At first I was angry I had even paid for this game because the “puzzles” were ridiculously basic, and even boring. It’s not until you get to around level 30 when it becomes more like what I expected -but it takes an eternity to drag yourself thru the levels to get there. I almost quit & deleted the game, but was a little more content when it became somewhat challenging. I’m definitely not seeing why others are raving about the game or why Apple promotes it, and if I could turn back time, I probably wouldn’t have paid more than $1.00 for it.

Awesome! Very smart!

I really like to relax and play this app🖖!!!!!!!!

Relaxing and Fun

The game is challenging enough to keep you interested, but not so hard as to be frustrating. Great graphics also.

More levels.

Definitely not worth the money for only 55 levels. When will we see more levels?

Cool game!

Addictive too!

Makes me so happy

I can’t explain it but the sounds and visuals here are so on point. I’m playing the game a second time through right now and finding it just as enjoyable as the first time. So good.


Just a beautiful game

Beautiful puzzles 💕💫❄️

Fun game. Worth the purchase.


This is how I imagine nanotechnology will work in the future to cure cancer. Stunning game

Very fun game

I am enjoying this game a lot since purchasing it. It has a good replay value if you are like me and like to see if you can figure out different way to accomplish levels. As far as intuitiveness goes, this game is pretty good. I like this very much and I am eager to get back to playing. Bye for now.


So far only 55 levels, which is the only thing wrong. I really hope they put out more. One of the few games I left the music on, it reminded me of outerspace or a quasar or something. There are YouTube videos if you get stuck. But I only had to use them twice. The particles are beautifulAnd the puzzles are fun, especially if you like logic puzzles. It’s like interacting with fireworks or space. I really enjoyed it. I saw some people say you can’t restart the game, but after I finished and did the final infinity puzzle, it rolled over to level zero again and I did start over. That was nice because I really did find this game relaxing.

Game is amazing!!!

Definitely worth the money! You can get lost in this game and play for hours without realizing it, it’s a relaxing game and challenging as well! Good job to the design and development of such a awesome game!!! Now add 50 more levels please ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Lesson Learned

Decent looking but not worth 5 dollars...I went out on a limb with an open mind but it’s really hard to justify the money spent. Sorry guys just not for me.

Mesmerizing and soothing

One of the very few games I play with music on. Beautiful imagery and sound.

Good game beautiful game challenging game

Read the title

What a beautiful game....

Such an amazing game🔥


Relaxing. Addicting. Intriguing. Has me looking forward to the next puzzle. Out of this world. Love it.

Mesmerizing puzzle game

This game is beautiful and very difficult to stop playing.

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